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The Skeptic Zone

Aug 14, 2016



Richard Saunders



Cupping and Wiki with Susan Gerbic

We chat to Susan who tells us of her efforts to bring the Wiki page on the quackery of Cupping up-to-date.



Why Team USA’s use of cupping therapy really sucks

LIke all Australians, Dr Brad can get a bit carried away while cheering for the green and gold at the Olympics. But lately it hasn’t been the Aussie team causing him to yell at the TV. - by Dr Brad McKay



Ken Harvey

The Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science has awarded Dr Ken Harvey the 2016 ANZAAS Medal.



Take Stock with Shelley Stocken

Our new reporter looks into the myths and reality of so-called Demonic Possession.



The Raw Skeptic Report

This week Heidi Robertson reports from the recent Brisbane Skepticamp. Who goes to these events and why? Also an interview with a Curtis who works in an organic supermarket.



Skeptics Dinner Meeting with Lyne Kelly - 24th September