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The Skeptic Zone

Mar 13, 2016

Richard Saunders

Report : An Evening with Alan Alda
Alan Alda was in Australia and gave a talk in Canberra about the importance of good science communication.

Good Thinking Investigates: Peter Popoff
Good Thinking has been investigating ‘faith healer’ Peter Popoff and his highly-lucrative current business of promising to heal sickness and cancel debts in exchange for ‘seed faith’, in other words: cash donations.

Psychic Sunday in Fairfield
Richard Saunders drops by a Psychic Fair to see if any psychics are on offer.

Chiro Board says “toe the line” or else
The Chiropractic Board of Australia, which regulates Australia’s 5000 chiropractors, has released a statement reinforcing that practitioners need to ensure their advertising complies with the requirements of the National Law, or they risk prosecution and disciplinary action.