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The Skeptic Zone

Mar 11, 2011

Richard Saunders

Dave Hughes
President of the Hampshire Skeptics Society
We tune in to the BBC for a report from Hampshire Skeptics in the Pub and a chat to their President Dave Hughes. It seems he has learnt the Power Balance tricks!

Don't stick it in your ear!
In Canada Jamie Williams from the Center of Inquiry has had enough of the lunacy of "Ear Candles". We chat to him about his new web site and the work of CFI Canada.

Armageddon Expo Sydney 2011 - Part 2 
oin Richard Saunders, Dr Rachael Dunlop and Maynard as we visit Armageddon Expo. Our guests are voice over artists Mela Lee and Melodee Spevack.  We also chat to the Doctor Who Club of Australia and check out the stand of Siren Visual.

Glenn Wheeler's
"Psycho predictions and Generic readings"
Laugh yourself silly with Glenn Wheeler on radio 2GB as he sends up so-called live psychic readings.

Tune in each week at Saturdays at -
23:00 Sydney
12:00 GMT
04:00 LA
07:00 NY

Dr Rachie Reports
With Dr Rachael Dunlop
We visit The Heart Research Institute and discover some of the vital work carried out by Dr Rachie into solving medical problems that could impact us all.