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The Skeptic Zone

Mar 5, 2011

Richard Saunders, Stefan Sojka and Jim Wilshire

Norway or no way.. We run an internet line all the way to Norway where we find Kristin Carlsson who took part in the Ten23 protest. Who is she? Why is she a skeptic? Find out more when we chat to this young lady from the far north.

Reality Bites...
..with Joanne Benhamu
Our very own Joanne takes a bite at The Spiritual Healing Association of Western Australia via the ACCC.

Jim Wilshire LIVE in Sydney
The Skeptic Zone's voice over man Jim Wilshire visits Skeptics in the Pub for a live read of his poem "EMBRACELET".

Armageddon Expo Sydney 2011
Join Richard Saunders, Dr Rachael Dunlop and Maynard as we visit Armageddon Expo. Our guest is voice over artist Michael McConnohie. This is part one of a two part report.

0:38:05 The Think Tank Yes it's time once again to head to our club and chat about skeptical news and views. Joining us this week are Eran Segev, Dr Rachie, Dianne, Steve, James, Richard Saunders and Jim Wilshire.