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The Skeptic Zone

Feb 11, 2011

Introduction Richard Saunders

Interview with film maker, Blake Freeman
"Gawd Bless America" is a Documentary Comedy coming to theaters in the USA in March and soon to Australia. The film follows Blake Freeman, who sets out to disprove the notion that aliens, people with psychic abilities and ghosts live among us.   

Maynard's Spooky Action!
Maynard reports from the front line of scientific research and investigates a new DEATH RAY!! (Well not really.) Find out more on the show when Maynard chats to Robbie McNaughton from The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Our thanks to A.B.C. radio for this audio.

Tracey Spicer slaps down Meryl Dorey.. again!
Anti-vaccination campaigner Meryl Dorey claims vaccination is akin to child rape. Tracey Spicer takes Dorey to task on Sydney Radio 2UE and takes a call from long time skeptic Peter Bowditch from

Dr Rachie Reports -
With Dr Rachael Dunlop
The Australian government seems confused about homeopathy.
Dr Rachie reports that she was unable to find a clear and concise explanation of what it is on their official websites. They appear to be bundling it in with pharmacy medicines, thereby implying that it works and further, they are lending it legitimacy by designating it official looking numbers on the official register of government approved Australian medicines.

10:23 Challenge 1023
All over the world, consumers and skeptics took a very public stand against the fraud that is Homeopathy.
Dr Rachie reports from the local protest in Sydney, Australia.

James Randi's 10:23 Challenge 
Skeptic James Randi challenges sellers of scam medications as hundreds stage worldwide "overdose" on homeopathic pills and puts one million dollars on the line.