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The Skeptic Zone

Jan 22, 2011

Introduction Richard Saunders

Maynard interviews The Bad Astronomer, Dr Phil Plait about the end of the world... and other more important things.

"Death From The Skies" from the album Trebuchet by George Hrab

Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne
Join Dr Steve Roberts and Richard Saunders for a wander through a Melbourne landmark.

Dr Rachie Reports
Our Very own Dr Rachael Dunlop appears on The Drum on National TV to discuss the recent news about Andrew Wakefield and the BMJ.
Audio from the national TV show, with host Steve Cannane.

The Think Tank
We enjoy a BBQ at the Melbourne home of long time skeptic Dr Steve Roberts. Joining us in his courtyard are Chris Higgins, Linley Kissick, Mal Vickers, Rosemary Sceats and Richard Saunders.