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The Skeptic Zone

Dec 22, 2008

Derek and Swoopy and "Psychics' murder for entertainment and profit" article

0:00:00     Introduction - Richard Saunders
0:02:45     Kylie Sturgess interview with Derek and Swoopy from the Skepticality
0:29:20     Richard Saunders and Tiffany Day read from 'The Skeptic' - Vol 28 No 4: "Murder for Entertainment...

Dec 20, 2008

Dr Pamela Gay - Potholer54 - SEX Party
0:00:00      Introduction Richard Saunders & Stefan Sojka
0:04:14     Richard Saunders interviews Dr Pamela Gay from
0:25:55     Tiffany Day reviews Dr Phil Plait's new book 'Death from the Skies' - Video of Tiffany's kittens here -
0:29:40     Kylie Sturgess...

Dec 11, 2008

Mark Mayer and Psychic Detectives
0:00:00     Introduction Richard Saunders
0:01:00     Mark Mayer and his investigations into "Psychic" Detectives.

Dec 5, 2008

James Randi - Ben Radford
0:00:00      Introduction Richard Saunders & Stefan Sojka
0:03:15     The Skeptic Zone LIVE from Dragon*Con 2008 - Global Skepticism with James Randi
0:27:45     The Round Up with Michael Wolloghan
0:34:10     Dr. Karen Stollznow interviews Ben Radford
0:52:00     Dr Rachie Reports Live from...

Nov 20, 2008

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki - Dr Steve Novella
0:00:00      Introduction Richard Saunders & Stefan Sojka
0:04:12     Kylie Sturgess' Interview with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
0:16:24     Richard Saunders visits the Newtown Festival
0:21:56     Dr Rachie Reports
Interview with Dr Steve Novella (Transcript of interview is on...