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Dec 25, 2016

Richard Saunders

New Zealand Skeptics 2016 Conference
This week we chat to Loretta Marron and find out the latest news from the 'Friends of Science in Medicine'.

Grain of Salt.... with Eran Segev
More in the series of interviews from QED. This week...

Feb 2, 2014


Richard Saunders


An interview with Loretta Marron OAM

Loretta Marron, three-time winner of Australian Skeptics’ Skeptic of the Year award, has been granted a 2014 Medal (OAM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia “for service to community health”. Loretta has made great...

Apr 21, 2012

Introduction Richard Saunders

A Grain of Salt with Eran Segev
This week Eran interviews the founders of Friends of Science in Medicine.

Prof John Dwyer AO
Prof Alastair H MacLennan AO
Prof Marcello Costa
Loretta Marron
Prof Rob Morrison OAM

Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM) is an association...

Jan 21, 2012

Richard Saunders

We chat to Ian Bryce from Australian Skeptics about his investigation into a new 'cold fusion' device, Andrea Rossi's E-Cat. Will it fly.. or run? Or will it somehow not quite live up to the hype. (hmmm I wonder which?)

Loretta Marron
(the Jellybean...

Jan 8, 2010

0:00:00 Introduction Richard Saunders 0:01:40 Loretta Marron also known as 'The Jelly Bean Lady' - Jelly Bean Power 0:29:40 Dr Rachie Dunlop and Richard Saunders report on a visit to pharmacies in Sydney 035:00 Dr Rachie Reports With Dr Rachael Dunlop Interview with Dr Sheena McGowan