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The Skeptic Zone #405 - 24.July.2016

Richard Saunders

The Raw Skeptic Report with Heidi Robertson
Paleo and TV chef Pete Evans says sunscreen contains 'poisonous chemicals'
This week Heidi looks at some of the claims made by a TV chef about sunscreen and more. Includes radio appearance by Dr Brad McKay.

Horror and Amazement as it's reviled Homeopathy is nothing more than sugar pills! World in SHOCK!
A BRISBANE woman selling homeopathic vaccinations or boosters for diseases including whooping cough, polio, meningococcal and malaria has been found to be selling nothing but refined sugar.

Maynard's Spooky Action..
Maynard finds himself on tour across Australia with the Totally 80's show. He asks some of the group if they indulge in superstitions or rituals before performing.

Ivan Doroschuk (Men Without Hats) - Safety Dance (Totally 80's)


Makers of ‘Vaxxed’ Threaten Lawsuit Over Valid Criticism

Skeptics Sydney Dinner



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Richard Saunders



A call to ban veterinary surgeons from prescribing homeopathy as a treatment for animals

We talk to Dr Danny Chambers about his petition in the UK to stop vets from selling usless sugar pills in place of real medicine for animals.



ABC's Catalyst under review, reporter suspended after damning review on Wi-Fi program

The ABC will apologise to its viewers and review its science program Catalyst after an independent investigation found a controversial episode on the potential health risks of Wi-Fi that went to air earlier this year breached its editorial standards.



The Cass Files with Dr Cassandra Perryman

What did Australia's top psychics predict for the year 2015? Cassandrea marks their homework. Will they get an A or an F?



Sydney Skeptics in the Pub

Won't someone save those poor spoons from being bent?


Skeptics Sydney Dinner

Totally 80's Australian Tour with Maynard



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The Skeptic Zone #403 - 10.July.2016

Richard Saunders and Maynard

Yes... But will it float?
We talk to Dr Eugenie C. Scott about the new and very large ark just opened in Kentucky.

Freeman on the land - Shelley Stocken
Shelly looks at a small but noisy movement that started in the US and Canada at the turn of the century, and has been simmering in Australia for about a decade.

Maynard's Spooky Action..
What podcasts are on Maynard's list?
We ask and he tells! Find out what the goose listens to on those long drives and train trips.

Maynard's 80s Tour



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The Skeptic Zone #402 - 3.July.2016

Richard Saunders

The Cass Files with Dr Cassandra Perryman
Be mindful of mindfulness! Mind woo, colouring books and breathing! What?? Find out with Cassandra.

Sherlock Holmes..... the skeptic.
From the classic 1940s Sherlock Holmes movies comes a clip that rings true to skeptical thinkers to this very day.

The case of the "fake gynaecologist"
Simon Floreani, anti-vaccine chiropractor and former president of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, has been named in court for referring one of his patients to a “fake gynaecologist”.

Homeopathy can kill pets and should be banned, say vets, as read by Lauren Cochrane followed by,
Homeopathic Remedies No More Effective Than Placebo Sugar Pills, as read by Richard Saunders


And for the hell of it



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The Skeptic Zone #401 - 26.June.2016

Richard Saunders

Michelle Franklin and ghosts?
We catch up with Michelle from the Darwin Skeptics who tells us about her recent appearance on radio to give the skeptical point of view on a good old fashion ghost story.

The Raw Skeptic Report
This week Heidi Robertson interviews Tracey from the Facebook group, 'Stop The Austrailian Vaccination Skeptics Network' (or SAVN). Find out what impact they have had via their untiring efforts.

Carl Sagan's Baloney Detection Kit
Carl Sagan had a wonderful mind that was capable of cutting through all the noise and clearly communicating and inspiring millions. He may indeed be sadly missed, but his words and thoughts still echo loudly even today.

Dr Will Grant from CPAS
Kevin Davies interviews Dr Will Grant, a lecturer, researcher and graduate studies convener at CPAS.
Dr Grant's research and writing has focused on the intersection of society, politics and science, and how the relationships between these are changing with new technologies.


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The Skeptic Zone #400 - 19.June.2016


Richard Saunders and Stefan Sojka

Good Thinking with Michael Marshall
NHS Liverpool CCG ends funding for homeopathy - The Good Thinking Society welcomed today’s decision by NHS Liverpool CCG to decommission homeopathy services. The decision comes after months of public consultation which showed overwhelming support from Liverpool residents for an end to funding.

The Cass Files with Dr Cassandra Perryman
Meet our new reporter, Dr Cassandra who is a PhD in Psychology, specialising in research methods, analysis, and ethics. She's a bicoastal girl who talks to her cats, and reads way too much Pratchett, Gaiman, and Butcher.

Maynard's Spooky Action...
Supanova 2016
Look out! It's Maynard and Tim Ferguson for a quick hello and a chance for Richard to thank Maynard for all his hard work.

Labor scraps rebates for natural therapies
Taxpayers won't be subsidising them if Bill Shorten becomes prime minister.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe
The SGU rouges drop by to wish the Skeptic Zone a happy 400th episode.


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Richard Saunders

Labor scraps rebates for natural therapies
Taxpayers won't be subsidising them if Bill Shorten becomes prime minister.
Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen announced on Friday that from July 1, 2017, taxpayer-funded private health insurance rebates would no longer be available for natural therapies.

The Good Thinking Society welcomes NHS Liverpool CCG’s report on homeopathy funding
Continued funding or end of funding to be decided on June 14. The Good Thinking Society welcomed a report from NHS Liverpool CCG on the subject of homeopathy, which showed overwhelming support from Liverpool residents for an end to funding.

Does Naturopathy work? The truth about ‘natural’ medicine - Shelley Stocken
Recent reports of a Sydney naturopath allegedly endangering the life of a baby; the son of a naturopath shunning radiotherapy for “alternative therapies”; and a disgraced Gold Coast doctor turning to naturopathy rather than maintaining her registration raise the question, what’s the deal with naturopathy?

Dr Brad McKay on TV
Dr Brad appears on TODAY Extra and calls out homeopathy for what it is! What do the viewers think?

Failed stockbroking firm consulting a psychic
Glenn Rosewall, executive chairman of the failed stockbroking firm BBY, was consulting a psychic and ‘vibrational healer’ for at least 12 months prior to the firm’s demise, according to sources.

Threats of assault against Reasonable Hank
Explicit and direct threats of physical assault towards the blogger uploaded to facebook.



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The Skeptic Zone #398 - 5.June.2016

Richard Saunders

Maynard's Spooky Action..
Maynard at Paracon 2016 Part #2
High up in the Blue Mountains, Maynard goes looking for ghosts, aliens and the unknown... but instead finds...
Sheryl Gottschall
Calvin Von Crush

The Raw Skeptic Report
Anti-vaccination activists crash immunisation seminar
A public seminar on immunisation in Perth was forced to close early after anti-vaccination activists hijacked the event and called doctors liars.

Sydney Skeptics in the Pub
This week we ask the big question, what would you think if we make contact with aliens?

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The Skeptic Zone #397 - 29.May.2016

Richard Saunders and Maynard

Maynard's Spooky Action..
Maynard at Paracon 2016 Part #1
High up in the Blue Mountains, Maynard goes looking for ghosts, aliens and the unknown... but instead finds...
Richard Saunders
Alex Cayas
Beth Luscombe
Part #2 next week

Media Guide to Skepticism
With Sharon Hill
To provide a clear, easy-to-read guide about the “Skeptical” viewpoint as subscribed to by many who might call themselves Skeptics or critical thinkers; to distinguish practical Skepticism from the popular use of the phrase “I’m skeptical,” and from those who claim to be “skeptics” regarding some well-established conclusions (such as climate change).

Legal action against fake cancer sufferer
Consumer Affairs Victoria is preparing to take legal action against fake cancer sufferer Belle Gibson following an in-depth investigation into alleged contraventions of Australian consumer law.

Skeptic Zone / Bunga Bunga Cross Over
Maynard and Tim Ferguson confront Richard Saunders about... the Mars landings?

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The Skeptic Zone #396 - 22.May.2016

Richard Saunders

The Australian Sex Party
We chat to Dr Meredith Doig to discover more about this political party and their strong stand on sceince and reason.

Dr Rachie Reports... with Dr Rachael Dunlop
The vitamin and supplement industry is big business in Australia. An estimated 75% of the population use some form of complementary medicines, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, aromatherapy and homeopathic products.
But some vitamin supplements and protein powders at best don’t work and, at worst, can cause harm.

The Raw Skeptic Report
This week Heidi Robertson with more news of Chiropractors allegedly caught sneaking into maternity wards to treat newborns.

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